© Copyright The Protestant Alliance 2010.  All Rights Reserved.
© Copyright The Protestant Alliance 2010.  All Rights Reserved.
We are sometimes accused by people of very differing religious views of a lack of love because we oppose the errors of Romanism.  It is our policy to extend to every Roman Catholic our love in Jesus Christ; we long for them to experientially know Him for He alone can save.  It is not love to condone error or to imply that the fundamental differences between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity do not exist.  It is therefore our policy to preach the Word of God - contend for the Faith - educate and instruct our people in the facts of our great heritage and the manifest lessons of history that support the truth of the Gospel.
Founded in 1845
Faithful to the Word of God
Firmly Standing for the Reformed Faith
Fervently Preaching the Gospel
Fostering Knowledge of our Protestant History

The Protestant Alliance is a non-denominational organisation which exists to educate concerning the history of Biblical Protestantism and to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We do this in a number of ways, which this website is intended to help with:

We produce two bi-monthly magazines: The Reformer and The Young Reformer, which contain articles on history, doctrine and contemporary affairs affecting Christianity.

Our Secretaries travel giving illustrated historical presentations and preaching the Word of God.

We maintain an open air witness at a number of Martyrs Memorials around the country.

We have a stand at a number of County or Agricultural shows and distribute thousands of pieces of free literature each year.

In Lithuania we support a number of Pastors and Evangelical works both with financial aid and frequent visits by our General Secretary.

We hope that you find this website helpful and welcome enquiries from those seeking more information.  Please feel free to use the Contact Us form and we will try to help.